KunArte is a Centre for Artistic Innovation aimed at our youngest residents (0-6 years) and the adults who accompany them, (artists, families, teachers, researchers, politicians or the media). Its activities and programming are inspired by the curious gaze with which very small children discover the world and the Arts. After an ongoing five year search, the project integrates creation, education and exhibition activities and the audience laboratory, which all feed back into each other.

Early childhood is the age of the blank page, when everything is yet to be discovered. As Eduardo Punset said, early childhood is the R&D department of the human race. An endless source of knowledge can be found in its observation, stimulation and development, which is extremely valuable for a society in constant transformation. It’s time to go beyond conventional models and foster research, creation and interdisciplinarity.

KunArte engages in a wide range of activities for developing and fostering professional artistic creation, such as continuing or project based artist’s residencies, mentoring, work groups or seminars. Additionally, it does activities geared towards encouraging people, especially young children and their families, to appropriate artistic languages as a tool for expression and communication.

The quality of the project has been endorsed and evaluated by the European Union through the EACEA (Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency), because KunArte-Teatro Paraíso in one of the partners of the Small Size European project for Performing Arts for Early Years from Europa Creativa.

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