¡Comienza la aventura del curso 2019/2020!

We’re kicking off a new era loaded with emotions and new things. We think all children have 100 languages. The Arts are a privileged tool for the early encouragement of children and for fostering their integral education through developing multiple intelligences.

We’re continuing with the bilingual creative laboratories, which have an artist-instructor who works in Basque and Spanish and a group of artists in residence at KunArte who do interventions during the course in English, Basque and Spanish.

We want to amplify children’s contact with unique and diverse artistic projects to stimulate their creativity and expressiveness and we’d like to do it using diverse languages to handle different codes of communication.

The creative laboratories are a project for the ARTISTIC ENCOURAGEMENT of children from 3 to 6.

It’s an innovative adventure into the world of CREATION and EMOTION.

It’s a GLOBAL and BILINGUAL EXPERIENCE for encountering the diversity of the Arts.

The upcoming course is aimed at children born in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


  • Días: martes o miércoles
  • Horario: 18h-19h
  • Idioma: Bilingue
  • Edades: niños y niñas nacidos en 2014, 2015 y 2016

El curso comenzará el 8 de Octubre 2019 y finalizará el 27 de Mayo de 2020.


  • Alumnos/as de TallerArte del curso 2018/2019: del 4 al 16 de junio
  • Nuevos alumnos/as: a partir del 17 de junio hasta agotar plazas.

Matrícula 24,00 €

Curso completo 196,00 €


Pago único (descuento de 24,00 € de matrícula): 196,00 €

Pago en 2 periodos: 220,00 € ( Al realizar la matrícula:  150,00 € y  antes de 15/01/2019:  70,00 €)

La matrícula no se hará efectiva hasta que KunArte confirme la plaza y se realice el pago.