If you want to see the whole video ask Teatro Paraíso for the password.

This show was done in collaboration with Teatro de la Guimbarde from Belgium

It’s inspired by games children use to experiment with their surroundings in order to understand them. They construct thought patterns and open the door to their imagination through manipulating objects near them.

In “Kubik”, two actors manipulate an enormous set of structures that gets stacked up and transformed and moves to create new spaces to explore. It’s architecture in motion, where the shapes and volumes create little moving screens where images are born.

The actors discover the joy of creating and seeing (houses, trains, a forest or the sea) together and immerse the little viewers in their sensory universe where they can dream, imagine and discover.

In “Kubik“ everything changes and is transformed. One world gives way to another.


FETEN 2013 award for the best children’s production

Artistic staff
  • Cast: Rosa A. García or Ainara Unanue, Aitor de Kintana or Jon Ander Alonso
  • Theatre Space: Lina Variselli
  • Costumes: Françoise Van Thienen
  • Lighting: Vincent Stevens
  • Production: Teatro Paraíso
  • Student in residence: Leyre Perrino
  • Music and sound effects: Bingen Mendizabal
  • Image desing and video creation: Marc Cerfontaine
  • Authors: Rosa A. García, Charlotte Fallon, Marc Cerfontaine
  • Director: Charlotte Fallon
International tour

Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia, France, United States, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Finland, Mexico, Romania and Ecuador.

Highlighted performances
  • Programación Acunándote 2017.
  • Festival CUCU 2017
  • Fira de Titelles de Lleida 2014.
  • Festival Teatralia 2014.
  • FETEN 2013
  • Ciclo “Rompiendo el Cascarón” 2012
  • Semanas Internacionales de Teatro para Niños y Niñas 2011
With subsidies from
1 Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
2 Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco
3 Ayuntamiento de Vitoria