34 years educating spectators

2019 marks 34 years since the beginning of the “Bringing Theatre to Schools” campaign — a major cultural and educational project for Álava. The project was designed and carried out by Teatro Paraíso with backing from the DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE OF THE REGIONAL GOVERNMENT OF ÁLAVA.

An evocative path of meaningful encounters for our children and youth and the Art of the Theatre has been drawn during these 34 years. There have been 227,000 viewers and 14,400 teachers from 49 early childhood, primary and secondary schools from 26 locations in Álava.

There have been 34 years of getting participants involved in the project, including teachers, socio-cultural presenters, city councils, museums, libraries and the artistic and educational teams at Teatro Paraíso.

There have been 34 years of promoting the democratisation of culture. A model for bringing theatre to rural areas has been built that is unique in Spain and it has made high quality audience education projects possible.

The “Bringing Theatre to Schools” campaign is an exploratory voyage into the Performing Arts, which are seen as being a point where emotion and knowledge come together.

This year, and until 2020, the “Bringing Theatre to Schools” campaign is part of the MIND THE GAP European project, alongside 11 other organisations working in Arts education.

2019 EDITION (from March to June)

There will be 34 schools from Álava participating in the 34th edition of the “Bringing Theatre to Schools” campaign.

4600 children and 360 teachers will get the chance to penetrate the universe of Gizon zoriontsuaren alkandora and Lorategian, which are shows by Teatro Paraíso that will be performed in different cultural spaces in the province.

This year’s edition wants to focus on listening. Because, one of the major lessons learned during the 33 previous editions of the campaign is that without it there’s no way to waken creativity.