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Children are immersed in a world of images from the earliest ages, even if most of the time it’s in a passive way. Theatre, video, shadows and drawings are mixed together in our garden to give viewers a playful and lively visual experience.

“A woman sitting in a garden is dreaming. A man arrives and invites her on a trip around the world of images. Together, they discover a cloth between the trees that becomes a blank page where images can be created and transformed: a place for playing and giving form to emotions.”

Very small children can surprise us because of the contrast between their strength and their fragility. Their strength comes from their ability to be present, completely open to the moment and untiringly curious. Their fragility comes from their natural openness to the world and their lack of emotional barriers.

The subtlety of the show takes us to a poetic universe that children can navigate with confidence and admiration.


FETEN 2006 Prize. Prize for the best show for toddlers

Feria de Lleida – 2006 Prize for the best show and Prize for the best innovative production

Huy Festival, Belgium, 2006 Prize from the Belgian Ministry of Education and Culture for poetic beauty and suitability for toddlers

“100, 1000, 1000000 de historias” International Children’s Theatre Festival in Bucharest, Romania, 2007 Best show for toddlers

Artistic staff
  • Cast: Rosa A. García or Maitane Goñi, Tomás Fdez. Alonso
  • Set Technician: Javier García
  • Theatre Space and Costumes: Elisabeth Schnell
  • Video: Marc Cerfontaine
  • Drawings: Alberto Martínez
  • Music: Olivier Bilquin
  • Lighting: Fred Houtteman
  • Psycho-Pedagogical Consulting: Rosy Haboucha.
  • Authors: Rosa A. García, Charlotte Fallon
  • Director: Charlotte Fallon
International tour

Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Romania, India, Portugal, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Finland, Norway and Croatia.

With subsidies from
1 Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
2 Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco
3 Ayuntamiento de Vitoria