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Paradise Theatre has created a sweet stage surprise for little spectators: Txokolat. A song about the joy of living, imagining and exploring, which forms part of the European Project “Small Size Performing Arts for Early Years”

In a clean and perfect space, a curious product is made: the chocolate bar. A woman who adores the routine and tidiness of the place lives there. The surprise arrival of an extroverted, fun and impulsive companion will transform what is, at first, a sterile universe. Because the recent arrival finds monotony boring, and is determined to transmit her inquisitive outlook onto the woman she has met who is so predictable.

One day, both characters exchange glances when doing some extraordinary: trying, tasting and enjoying chocolate! As the stuff sinks into their mouths, the pleasure is reflected in their eyes and their dresses are filled with emotion.

Suddenly everything has changed! This sweet substance becomes an incitement to dream. They fly off together with chocolate in their hands, whilst the flavours fill the world and make time stand still for the tasting and pleasure of exploring and playing with the product.

Artistic staff
  • Performers: Rosa A. García, Maitane Goñi
  • Scenography and costume design: Elisa Sanz, Teatro Paraíso
  • Set construction: Luis Martioda, Tomás Fdez. Alonso, Utillería-Atrezzo S.L.
  • Lighting design: Miki Arbizu
  • Photography: Erre de Hierro
  • Music selection: Ramón Molins
  • Production: Teatro Paraíso
  • Directing and playwriting: Ramón Molins
International tour

Final Event Wide Eyes – Galway (Ireland)

ASSITEJ Biennale Festival – Hungary

Highlighted performances
  • FETEN 2018
  • Mostra de Igualada 2018
  • Fair of Castilla La Mancha 2018
With subsidies from
1 Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
2 Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco
3 Ayuntamiento de Vitoria