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It’s a dark night, the wind whistles and it’s freezing cold. The news reports a wave of cold, snow and rain.  There´s no way to leave the house.

A woman is bored and upset. As she heats up her coffee, she becomes self-absorbed looking out the window. Caught up in her thoughts, she begins to draw on the condensation on the window with her index finger. The window changes colour. Among the dark-blue shadows of the night, the silhouette of a girl dancing delicately comes into view.  The wind whistles louder and turns into a sweet symphony of wind instruments. A beautiful universe of fish and crabs, surrounded by a forest of anemones and strange plants. The space transforms into a marine cosmos. A nautical plant world opens out to us with limbs dancing in the moonlight.

Through this game-based performance, the public begins a journey that brings to mind the construction and deconstruction of images in the early years of life, recreating a magical and fantastic imaginary. From shadows to light, from the abstract to the figurative, a set of changing images creates an intriguing and fun set of surprising and dreamlike images.

The dramaturgy of the show also contains a reading for adult audiences. Over the performance, a woman experiences an adventure through which she recovers the curiosity she had lost.  Her own journey teaches her how to get excited about life again, taking her back to a lost time of memories in which she played as a child: she returns to the space of her childhood and travels through a window back to a time and place where a girl who played and dreamed of discovering the world used to live.

Show personnel
  • Cast: Rosa A. García, Jone Amezaga
  • Set desing: Jesús Nieto
  • Costumes: Alejandra Calderón
  • Lighting design: Jesús Nieto
  • Photography: Gerardo Sanz
  • Music: Pedro Guirao
  • Video Assistant: Paula Alemán
  • Production: Teatro Paraíso
  • Direction and Dramaturgy: Jesús Nieto
International tour

Mapping Festival of Limoges (France)
SMALL SCALE Festival in Odder, Denmark

Highlighted performances
  • Haziaraba in the Mapping Festival 2021
  • FETEN 2022
With subsidies from
1 Mapping-eu
1 Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
2 Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco